Almost 15 years ago,  I set up and continued to improve a website to help fellow gardeners in the region where I live.  It began as Houston and Gulf Coast Gardening and transitioned to Central Texas Gardening when we moved to Austin 11 years ago.  As social media has developed into a very resourceful tool for sharing with fellow gardeners,  I have ventured into that arena with this Central Texas Gardening Blog and also set up a FaceBook page entitled “The Xeriphytic Yard”.  I find that in this transition, I truly lack the time to maintain and update my formal CENTRAL TEXAS GARDENING website properly.  So I have made the decision to take it down effective September 29, 2017.  If you have visited that site and benefited from the information provided, it has been worth all the time and effort that went into it.  I am retaining all the files that are on that site for future reference myself.

I started learning how to do a website using hypertext language script until WYSIWYG came along with wonderful software tools.  Doing this website has been quite an educational challenge that I enjoyed, even when difficulties arose.  I have another website  to keep my skills up but not gardening related.

Using the CTG Blog,  I can share my enjoyment of gardening narratively, and informally rather than in website format.  Also, I have gotten into garden photography and can post pictures easily and in quantity using the Facebook Page.  Times change, and even in my senior years, I have learned to flex and change with the times.   I look forward to spending more time in the garden and less time on the computer.  In the process, I have amassed a huge collection of photos and done a lot of research.  I give garden topic presentations to local gardening organizations and these resources will continue  to be shared with fellow gardeners in central Texas.

SO,   www.centraltexasgardening.info , no longer exists,  but my enthusiasm for ornamental gardening and sharing experiences with others will always be there.


Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 11.55.51 AM







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