>Tips for Mailing Plants

>If you trade or sell plants that require shipment, the following tips should be useful to you.

Do not mail plants to California or Hawaii because of strictly enforced state laws prohibiting importation of plant materials into these states. Most countries restrict or prohibit importation of plants from other countries as well. Check postal regulations for further information before mailing.

Mail plants bare root if possible to minimize spread of soil born diseases. Make sure plants being mailed are healthy, free of insect or disease problems.

Package plants firmly to avoid damage from crushing enroute. Chosing the right sized and shaped box is important.

Use lightweight packing materials, e.g. newspaper,. noodles, bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags, to lighten shipping weight.but secure contents.

Mail plants by the fastest economical means available such as USPS priority mail (2-3 day delivery), or UPS ground if delivery can be guaranteed in 3 days or less. The point of shipping and destination will affect delivery times. The quicker the trip, the better condition upon arrival.

How to pack plants depends on their type: See suggestions below.

Cacti and Succulents: bare root, wrapped in newspaper

Herbaceous rooted plants non-dormant perennials and ferns: wrap roots with minimal amount of dampened sterile soil or sphagnum moss with clear wrap and tie around stem with twisty. Insert entire plant into plastic zip lock bag with dampened paper towel to maintain moisture around foliage

Woody rooted plants: Same method as herbaceous but not necessary to place in moistened plastic bag. After securing roots and sterile soil in clear wrap, wrap the entire plant in newspaper.

Bromeliads and Orchids: bare root enclosed in moistened zip lock bag.

: bare root wrapped in newspaper

Dormant perennials: wrap roots in minimal amount of sterile soil or sphagnum moss and place in zip lock plastic bag.

Cuttings: Soak cuttings in water until turgid, then wrap cuttings in dampened paper towels and place in zip lock bag.

Aquatic and bog plants: Wrap in damp to wet paper towel, insert in zip lock bag.

Seed: Place seed in dry zip lock bag. If seed is crushable, place bubble wrap around it.

I trade and occasionally sell plants that I have shipped via USPS Priority Mail and have had almost perfect success using the techniques mentioned above.


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